SwingTowns.com - World's Largest Non-Monogamy Community

SwingTowns is an online dating platform specially designed for people who prefer to indulge in non-monogamous relationships regardless of the sexual orientations they belong to.

In other words, the Swingtowns.com site is an adult website for swingers who are open-minded when it comes to sexual desires, casual hookups, threesomes, and other sexual fantasies that you can think of.

If you are looking to find someone special to develop a special bond with so that you can spend the rest of your life with one partner, this site is not designed for you. On the contrary, you should try this site if you are looking for polyamorous relationships.

Currently, the site accommodates more than 1 million global users from different orientations be it straight, gay, bisexual singles, and couples. One thing is common among the members, they all love a polyamory relationship.

Once you start using SwingTowns, you will notice that the site more or less looks like a social networking site such as Facebook. In fact, Swingtowns offers some features that resemble Facebook or Twitter. For example, the site allows you to post news, and share photos as you share them on the Facebook timeline, and the SwingTowns site even allows you to post comments on the latest events of other members similar to posting comments on Facebook. Let us start with reviewing the pros and cons of the SwingTowns site.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick registration
  • The affordable pricing of membership
  • Similar to social networks making it easier to use
  • Large online userbase


  • The mobile app is unavailable
  • No personal information regarding members

Members’ Sexual Orientation

As far as the sexual orientation of members is concerned, you will see singles who are straight searching for straight swingers. You will find singles interested in non-monogamous relationships. Additionally, will also find gays, lesbians, and transgenders. All in all, you will individuals from almost all sexual orientations who prefer polyamory and would like to interact with open-minded singles.

The website has a separate category called “Meetups” allowing you to view all the swingers’ meetups happening soon around you. This is one of the special features of the site that you must explore if you decide to register.

 If you have a fantasy that you would like to fulfill then do check out the kink category.

 SwingTowns Registration Process

The registration process for SwingTowns is quick and extremely easy. Initially, you will see a “Join Free Now” option allowing you to choose whether you are a single, couple, polycule ( 3 or more), or page (i.e., Club, Group, Site, etc).

Once you do that, you will be directed to the next step asking you to input a username, password, location, gender, orientation, body type, height, and what type of non-monogamy best describes what you want.

Additionally, you are required to input your birthday, a valid email address that will be used for login purposes and write a few lines of introduction that tells other members about who you are, who you would like to meet on this platform, and what do you like to do.

Once you agree to the Terms of Services and click on the “Join for Free Now” button, you become a registered member of the site. Unlike other similar online dating sites, SwingTowns does not carry out email verification.

Once registered, you will be directed to the homepage of your profile which more or less resembles a Facebook profile page. For instance, you have the option of telling your matches what’s happening similar to Facebook’s posting status option. Additionally, you can share videos, photos, and Gifs on your profile

SwingTowns Membership Costs

Although registration is free, to make full use of the site, you are required to buy a paid membership. This is very affordable compared to other similar online dating platforms. Being a paid member will open up tons of exciting features and is the option that we recommend. The table below shows the pricing of the SwingTowns membership.


1 Month

3 Months





$69.00 ( one payment )

Note that SwingTowns also accepts payment in Bitcoin so you can be discreet.

Free Members Vs Paid Members

Free Members' Features

  • Create your profile
  • Upload photos, videos, and statuses
  • Like other members’ profiles
  • Comment on posts
  • Browse a limited number of members’ profile
  • Find a match using basic search filters
  • Block other members
  • View list of hosted events and parties
  • Access to forums.

Paid Members' Features

  • Initiate chats by sending a message and receiving messages from other members
  • Video chats
  • Highlight your profile
  • More search options and filters
  • View who visited your profile
  • Access to hosted events and parties
  • You can host your swinger party or event
  • Interaction allowed in the site’s forums.

Exploring SwingTowns Profile

When you are visiting other members’ profiles, you will see their usernames. Below the username, you can see whether the member is a certified member of the site. You have the option of indicating your interest by sending a like and a message (messaging is only available for premium paid members).

Then you can see how the member has described himself/herself. Below that you get to view personal basic details of the member such as sexual orientation, location, member since, and when was the member last online on the site. On the right hand side, you get to see all the public photos and videos uploaded by the member.

As far as your profile is concerned, you also have the option of editing your profile allowing you to make changes anytime. When editing your profile, you have the option of making changes to your profile’s theme and profile photo, updating the basic details, and updating the status. SwingTowns also allows you to manage your photos whether you would like to keep them public or make them private.

SwingTowns Search Options

Since the site does not ask for a lot of personal information, the search options are very limited. However, this does not mean that you won’t be able to find and connect with the best possible partner(s) for fun. When you click on the search option, you will see a list of all members in a grid view.

Then you have the option of setting your preferences. For example, you would like to see only your matches, only couples, women, or men. You also have the option of only getting results for people with photos, online members, new members, or members that are nearby. Additionally, there are some other filters that you can select to get desirable results such as by location, most liked in the month, etc.

 SwingTowns Communication Options

If you are a free regular member of the site, unfortunately, you have limited options when it comes to communication. For instance, you cannot initiate a chat with other members because chat can only be initiated by paid members. However, if you are interested in another member, you have the option of indicating your interest by sending a “Like”.

Likewise, if someone else likes you, you will receive a notification on the top telling you that another member has liked your profile. From the notification, you can go directly to the member’s profile and you have the option of liking back if you are also interested in that member.

At the same time, if you want to interact with other members on the site without having to buy a membership plan, we have found a way for you. You can read posts shown in your newsfeeds and post your comment, which will allow you to grab the attention of other members.

On the other hand, if you have a premium paid membership plan, you get tons of exciting and fun features. To start with, you are allowed to initiate unlimited chats with other members. Being a premium member, you also get the opportunity of attending multiple events and swinger parties that are being hosted by other members. Likewise, the site even allows you to host your swinger party and invite friends from SwingTowns.

SwingTowns Mobile App

Unfortunately, the site does not offer any mobile application for iOS as well as for android users. However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy the site on the go.

You can do that by using the site on your mobile’s internet browsers. The SwingTowns site is fully optimized for mobile browsers which means the site is available to you wherever you go and whenever you want.

Just enter the site’s URL in your browser and enjoy the fun and exciting features of the site along with connecting and interacting with other members that you are interested in.

SwingTowns.com Special Features

Let's discuss some of the special features of the site.

Open Lifestyle Blog

The SwingTowns site offers an Open Lifestyle Blog allowing members to better comprehend the concept of non-monogamous relationships and how it is different from cheating. The feature allows you to acquire information about the polyamorous lifestyle.

Swingers Answers

This feature allows you to get real-time answers to your queries regarding swingers’ lifestyles. This can be helpful if you have any confusion regarding how to go about swinging.

Sexy Memes

The site has a page that contains sexy memes giving you the opportunity to share them with your friends and other members on the site.

Show who is Online

This allows you to view profiles that are currently online on the site. This helps you in connecting with online members by sending a message and not having to wait for them to come online and reply to your messages.

SwingTowns Conclusion

The SwingTowns site is an online dating platform for people of all orientations who like the idea of polyamory relationships and see nothing wrong in having more than one person in their life at the same time.

People who are looking to find a single person with whom they want to share the rest of their lives should skip this site because SwingTowns is not meant for this.

The primary objective of this website is to allow casual hooking, erotic experiments, and non-monogamous relationships in addition to connecting open-minded singles and swingers.

Overall, the site leaves a positive impression on singles and couples who enjoy the swinger lifestyle and non-monogamous relationships.

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