- A Dating Site to Meet Jewish Singles is a niche dating site that aims to connect Jewish singles to the right partner. The website claims that most of the users on the site are either Jewish or people from other religions who would like to date a Jewish single. If you would like to get in touch with a Jewish single for dating or form a long-term relationship, this site is designed specifically for you.

Thousands of single men and women have utilized the services of JewishCafe for connecting with the right person to build a long-lasting relationship, which is based on religious preferences. As far as the site is concerned, it does not matter whether you belong to a traditional conservative Jew sect or secular Jew sect, the site is offering you the opportunity to make use of the detail-oriented browsing tools so that you can connect with your special someone.

When it comes to modern online dating platforms, the site has all the elements and ingredients to be considered an effective platform for connecting people. The website allows you to carry out a detailed search for a potential partner using multiple filters including religion, age, geographical distance, and many more.

You can communicate using an internal messaging system and by sending winks (to indicate your interest) in order to make an online connection with other Jewish single.

The site lets you browse members using the QuickMatch feature which is one of the exciting features of the website.

The best thing about the site is that you get to use and enjoy all the paid features for free using a 3-week trial period. As soon as you sign-up, you will have access to all the special features for 3 weeks which are available to paid members. These include being able to communicate (i.e., sending and receiving messages) with other members. This means, for 21 long days, free members can explore the complete site and then decide whether they would like to continue using this site or not.

Let us dig deep into the site for you to make up your mind about whether you should give this site a try.

Pros and Cons of JewishCafe


  • Free 3-week trial period to experience all features
  • Offers sponsored offline events to its members
  • Offers a safe and secure social networking environment along with online dating services
  •  Monthly membership is affordable


  • The site’s navigation can be somewhat confusing
  • No mobile app available

JewishCafe – Signing Up Process

The signing-up process takes a bit of time since you are asked to fill out three pages of information before you can enjoy the 3-week free trial membership. You will have to spend about 15 to 20 minutes of your time signing up on the site. Let us dig deep into the signup process step by step:

Step 1: The first step requires you to fill in basic details such as your gender and the preferred gender you are seeking, birthday, location, username, and email address. JewishCafe allows members to use a username instead of a real name so that privacy-conscious members can feel at ease.

Step 2: The second step requires you to provide plenty of personal information (i.e., age, marital status, education, etc.), favorites (reading, food, music, etc.), and physical characteristics (height, weight, body type, etc.). In this step, you are provided with a Multiple-Choice Questionnaire that needs to be completed by filling in answers from the drop-down options. Although you are required to complete the questionnaire at this stage, but you can make the changes later once your profile has been registered.

Step 3: The third and final step of the registration process on the site is to answer short questions related to your hobbies, what being Jewish means in your life, your favorite activities, your ideal vacation, and many more such questions. The open-ended questions are one of the great things about this website making this site stand out from other online dating sites in the same niche.

Although these questions are optional which means members are allowed to skip any question they want and can come back to it later after successfully registering on the site, it is important that members fill in this section because it allows other members to get to know the real you. The questions that members do not answer at this step are not shown in the profile.

Once you have answered these open-ended questions and hit the next button, you will be directed to another page telling you to check your email for the username and password that will be needed for logging in on the site.

Multiple Searching Options

The offers multiple search options for potential partners. The multiple search option is one of the great things about the site because you will have so many options to find your match.

Main Search Option

The main search option lets you browse members using many search filters (i.e., gender, age, location, smokes, drinks, marital status, and more). Members are given the option to select how many members per page they would like to see in their search. You can choose if searched members should be or choose to see members who are online in the past few days. You also have the option of getting search results that exactly meet your criteria or you can opt for members that are close to your search criteria.

Search by Member ID

There is another option that lets you find a member on the site. You need to write the member ID in order to search the profile of the member you are looking for.

QuickMatch Search Option

If you are feeling lazy and do not want to bother searching for members using various filters, the site offers a QuickMatch search option showing only those members whose relationship preference is aligned with you, belong to your age group, and can be found near you.

Search for Online Members

Another option is to search and view members who are currently online on the site. The search results reload after every 4 minutes in case any new member comes online. This search option allows you to get in touch with the member instantly using the internal messaging system since you do not have to wait for the member to come online and respond to your messages.

Search by Birthday

Another exciting and fun search option is to search for members whose birthdays are in the current week. You can also search for the members whose birthday is today. You also have the option of searching for members whose birthdays are coming in the next week. This option allows you to write and send a birthday wish helping you start a chat. The birthday wish could be the icebreaker between you and the other single.

Search for New Members

Additionally, the site also allows its members to search for other single members who have recently joined the site in the current week and the option to search for members who have joined the site in the previous week.

Exploring Profile

The profile page of members is pretty straightforward containing a lot of information. At the top, you have the “About Me” section which contains the multiple-choice answers that you selected while registering yourself and short descriptive answers that you wrote for open-ended questions. Then there is members’ personal information that includes their address and birthday. The website allows you to edit your profile directly from this page.

The edit profile page contains tips to write a more appealing profile. Moreover, it mentions that having account photos increases the chances of you being searched by other members and you have more chances of receiving emails. Another advantage of uploading your first account photo is that you receive 7 more days of free trial membership, giving you more opportunities to get in touch with a potential partner without having to buy a paid membership plan.

Paid Membership Subscription

Unlike many other similar dating niche websites, the site offers a subscription-based membership to connect with your special someone. There are 5 options with which you can subscribe on the site. There are two methods (i.e., credit card and money order) through which you can pay for the subscription.

JewishCafe - Key Features


The QuickSearch feature is mainly reserved for unregistered users. The QuickSearch allows unregistered users to view the list of members who meet specific criteria. The user selects what they are seeking (i.e., either male or female) on this platform and the age group of people they would like to see. This helps unregistered users to make up their minds about whether to register themselves on the site.


The site sponsors various offline events that members can participate in. The site lets you view the events happening around your region making it easier for you to attend these events. One important thing to note here is that JewishCafe just sponsors these events while these events are run and managed by other entities.

JewishCafe – Conclusion

The site is an online dating platform that mainly caters to the Jewish community. The website offers singles primarily from the Jewish community to come together in an online environment that is safe and secure and search for a potential partner be it for friendship, dating, or even marriage. Therefore, the website is worth a try for people who give importance to their Jewish faith, and more importantly, you can try this amd get access access to the full features of the site for 3 weeks before you are asked to buy a paid subscription.