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Since its inception way back in 2001, Ashley Madison is considered one of the best online casual dating sites helping people who are involved in an unsatisfying serious relationship and are looking for a discreet affair without anyone judging.

The website is specifically designed for people who are already involved in a relationship but want to break the society-created shackles of restrictions with marriage. The site has a large user base of unsatisfied men and women who are looking for fun and excitement without having to worry about anyone knowing.

Although the website started as a place for having an extramarital affair, over time, it opened up to all sexual activities from monogamy to polygamy to developing a relationship with no strings attached, etc.

AshleyMadison has managed to make a name for itself by introducing various security protection features while promoting a healthier environment for its members within the platform. The site’s user base comprises members mainly from the US, the UK, and Canada and you will find mostly middle-aged men on the site.

The profile creation on Ashley Madison is quick and easy while offering the best communication tools for members to connect with each other. The site like many other similar dating websites allows you to send/receive messages, send a wink, and send virtual gifts to grab the attention of other members.

All members can join the site for free and search for a potential match.  However, men are required to buy credits in order to make use of the full features of the website and get in contact with women.

Ashley Madison - Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly navigation
  • A large number of members to choose from
  • Tight security measures
  • Women enjoy free membership
  • Multiple communications modes


  • To initiate a chat, you need to match with the member

Buying Credits

The Ashley Madison site is based on a unique credit system that allows you to pay for only utilized services. On the other hand, when it comes to payment methods, the site permits you to buy credit using multiple methods including PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, etc. Below you can find the table informing you about the cost for each package:


100 credits

500 credits

1000 credits

Total Cost




How Does the Site Work?

Since the Ashley Madison site was designed for members to have an extramarital affair, it was imperative that the site offers security and privacy features. Nevertheless, the security and privacy features do not restrict you from hooking up with a potential match.

Regardless of whether you are using the website or the mobile application, all you need to do after signing up is to go to your profile page and add plenty of information that allows your profile to rank higher when other members are searching for a potential match. Once you have completed your profile, you can browse and explore other members’ profiles for compatible matches.

You have the option of sending a gift to someone you find attractive indicating that you are interested or you can start chatting with them if the other person is a match. also offers various communication methods for you to get in touch with other members that you are interested in. One such method is by sending a “Wink” that indicates your interest in the other member. You can add members to your favorite list or utilize the “private showcase” feature. The Private Showcase feature allows you to upload private photos and only those members that you grant permission can access your private photos.

Registration Process and Completing Profile

The Ashley Madison site’s registration process is quick and easy. Since the site’s primary focus is on offering a place for a discreet affair, the site does not ask for much information during the registration process. In the first stage, you are only required to choose a relationship status from the drop-down box, write a username and password for your account, location, and a valid email address that will be used to confirm your identity. Once you fill in all the required fields, you will logged into the website.

The next step for you is to complete your profile information by providing some personal information about yourself including appearance (i.e., height, sex, and weight), date of birth, and your preference for a match. It is imperative that you provide as much information as possible at this stage because based on this information, the site identifies your potential matches, saving you the trouble of going through hundreds of irrelevant matches.

The signup process is free of cost regardless of whether you are signing up from the website or the mobile app. It often takes less than a minute to register yourself and become a member. You will need to upload a profile photo and you must spend enough time uploading your best profile picture to create a good first impression on your potential matches. Once a photo is uploaded, you have the option of blurring the face or hiding half of the image, helping you protect your privacy.

Exploring Profile

The members’ profile gives out some basic personal information. For example, at the top, you have a username, age, and location. Below personal details, you can see an option “Message me” that allows you to initiate the chat with the member. Besides, you can add the member to your favorite list, wink at the member, and request access to private photos.

Then you can view the profile headline for the member. Below this, you get to see all the uploaded photos of the member. If there are some private photos, you need to request access to view private photos. Lastly, there is the “About me” section in which you can find how the member has described themselves for instance, their hobbies and interest, personality, their preference, etc.

Discover Potential Matches

The “Discover” option on the Ashley Madison site is embedded in the menu bar at the top along with the profile and message options. When you click the discover option, you will see a list of potential matches in a grid layout.

On the right-hand side, you can use various search filters to filter out potential matches. The basic filters include age range, search location, search by the last login, search for a member with private/public photos, search for new members only, and more. Also, you have the option of filtering your potential matches by your preferred appearance.

Once you have found a person that you are interested in, you have the option of winking at the member or initiating the chat. However, if you are a man, these communication tools require you to buy credits. On the other hand, female members can enjoy the full features of the site for free including communication features.

Ashley Madison’s Mobile App

Ashley Madison’s mobile applications are available for both iOS and Android users. Although you will find that the functionalities of the website and app are pretty much the same, the navigation is rather smooth and easy in the app making it extremely user-friendly. There is one key difference between the desktop version and the mobile app that you will see when buying credits. Unlike buying credits on the website, you will have to use iTunes and Google Play accounts to buy credits on iOS and Android apps respectively. Moreover, the app also offers a swipe feature which means it is quick when you are trying to find a casual date for a hookup.

Special Features

Priority Man

The site offers a special feature called Priority Man that will help in highlighting your profile in search results in your region. This will help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Travelling Man

This feature is specifically for members who travel a lot. When you are visiting another location, the feature allows you to message 30 females around that location. This allows you to make use of your time by hooking up with a lady in the area you are visiting.

Priority Mail

This option allows you to highlight your message and pin it at the top of the recipient’s mailbox. Obviously, this communication feature comes with a paid subscription.

Member Initiated Contact

This service is also reserved for members who have bought credits. If you have bought this subscription service, it is the most effective way to reach out to other members. The feature allows you to receive and send messages to female members of the site for free. Please note that your credits are only used when you initiate the conversation. Moreover, if you have used up all your credits or your credit balance is zero, you can continue your conversation with existing contacts. When you are purchasing credits on the site, you are given a 30-day free trial membership for Member Initiate Contact which is automatically renewed at the end of the trial period if you do not cancel it manually.

Virtual Gifts

This feature allows you to send virtual gifts to other members of the site. It helps in grabbing their attention as well as indicating the value you give to your relationship. This feature is quite common among online dating sites. - Conclusion

The Ashley Madison site is specifically designed for people who do not want to restrict themselves due to already committed relationships and are still on the hunt for fun and exciting casual relationships. The site offers healthy extramarital affairs connecting people from all around the world.

The website is extremely user-friendly while keeping the privacy of members as discreet as possible. The price while not cheap, it is not overly expensive that it becomes difficult to afford.  There is a unique credit system that allows you to pay for only those services that you use.

Women are given free membership which means they can enjoy full features for free without having to pay a single penny. In conclusion, we would recommend that if you are looking for a casual date with no strings attached, you should give a try.