-  A Dating Site to Meet Latin Singles is an online dating website that targets singles looking to date people from Latina backgrounds. The website allows men and women to communicate with each other and form a relationship be it for dating, sex, or any other purpose. The website claims that it has been in existence since 1993 and currently, hosts members from 32 countries. Although the website is claiming to have a global presence, however, they are mainly targeting singles from Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

The site believes that in recent years, romance has changed, and singles are trying to expand their search in order to find someone special. Looking at that, lets you connect with people from various places and cultures particularly, from a Latin background by offering you the most direct approach to meeting special someone.

Once two members on show interest in one another, the site allows them to chat with each other using the site’s direct messaging system and Live Chat feature. The website ensures that all activities on the site are secure, reliable, and safe thereby, guaranteeing your privacy and safety making your online dating experience more fun and thrilling. Additionally, the site’s Customer Service Team is always on standby to help you with any issues that your experience while browsing the site.

We would recommend you to sign-up and register yourself on the website to get a good feel of it.

Fun Facts About

  • is part of the dating industry since 1993
  • Target singles mainly from Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America
  • Presence in at least 32 countries around the world
  • Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users.


  • Offers almost perfect usability
  • The registration is extremely easy and quick
  • Have mobile applications
  • Offers translation services


  • The prices are high but one could argue that its worth it.
  • The site’s security policy is a little
  • Need to pay for all communication features

Sign Up Procedure

In order to register yourself and become a member of, you have 2 options either clicking on the “Take a chance” button or Signing in Via a Google account.

For site reviewing purposes, we opted for the first option. When you register yourself, you will be first asked for a valid email address and password. Next, you will be asked to write a nickname for yourself along with adding some personal information including your birthday. Moving forward, you will be asked to write a few lines of some interesting details about you (e.g., what’s your preference about your date and something like that). If you are confused about what to write, you can skip this step and come back to it later after you have registered yourself.

Then you will be asked to indicate your interest which will be shown to other members when they visit your profile. Again, you can skip this step if you don’t want to do it at this stage. Lastly, you will be asked to upload a profile photo, or you can again skip this step. Once you finish this step, your registration is completed.

Summing up the whole process, we can say that the procedure to sign-up on this site is pretty straightforward, unlike other online dating websites where you are required to fill out long and lengthy forms.

Members Profile

All members on have a profile that contains their relevant personal information. When going through the profile, you will see a blue tick just beside the name of the member indicating that the member has confirmed the profile through the selfie.

The profile of a member also accommodates the interest of the member, the about me section (containing personal information such as location, work, education, language, relationship, have kids, smoking and drinking habits, body type, eyes color, and hair color), and you will see what the member is looking for on this site.

In addition to that, members’ uploaded photos and videos are also shown on the profile. You also have the option of “Chat Now” and “Send Virtual Gifts”.

Search for your Matches

After you sign-up, you will see some of the potential matches on your screen. You will find a “Today I Am” tab at the top left-hand side that will help you indicate your mood for today and your potential matches will be based on that.

The search for your matches becomes so much easier if you have already entered your personal information during the registration process such as your gender, your birthday, your location, etc. Moreover, during the initial sign-up process, you were asked to write something about yourself which could have assisted in finding you a more appropriate match. If you have not included that information during the registration process, it is better you do it now because it will help in your search for matches.

Moreover, the website offers numerous other options to filter your matches thereby, allowing you to search with ease. These options are interests, education, language, relationship, kids, smoking habits, drinking, height, hair color, body type, eyes, and hair.

The whole process of finding you a perfect match becomes so much easier by making use of all these available filters. makes it extremely easy to filter out the results based on the characteristics that you are looking for in your match. Be it education, language, interest, or even eyes color, you have the option of limiting everything in order to get the best possible matches.

Communication on

AmoLatina’s communication features are mostly paid. However, they are quite exciting when used. As far as the communication features are concerned, there are plenty of them including Live Chat, Video Calling, Email, Sending Virtual Gifts, and you can even watch premium pictures and videos of members. Therefore, the site’s communication features are considered relatively better as compared to other online dating websites available on the internet.

If you are planning to use this site, we have a piece of good news for you. The good news is that AmoLatina’s messaging tool permits you to reply to all your received messages regardless of whether you have paid membership or not unlike many of the other online dating platforms where you have to buy a paid membership in order for you to reply to messages.

As far as the messaging is concerned, all your messages be they requested from other members or the ones you have initiated are shown on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you click on the message of any member, a message panel will appear in the center of the screen allowing you to chat with the member. On the left-hand side, you will see the member’s profile preview allowing you to see the member’s interests, personal information, and uploaded photos and videos.

Free Members on

There are, unfortunately, not many opportunities accessible to free members on the site. Free members are able to register themselves and complete their profiles. Moreover, the AmoLatina site allows a free member to search for matches and check out profiles of other members such as their bio, interest, and unlocked photos. However, in order to use any of the communication features, members are required to buy credits.

Paid Membership Offers on

As mentioned earlier, there are some great and exciting features available for paid members. One such feature is the communication tool (i.e., live chatting, video call, or sending virtual gifts) that allows you to get in touch with another member on the site and take your relationship forward. As far as membership is concerned, the AmoLatina site uses a credit system, and these credits can be used to access the mentioned exciting features. The site does not offer any fixed monthly membership plan.

By going through the Terms of Use section, we were able to deduce how many credits you will need if you are to use the services offered by the AmoLatina site. We will now tell you the credits you need for some of the services.

In order for you to use the regular chat feature, it will cost you 1 credit per minute. Similarly, 4 credits are needed for you to enjoy 1 minute of regular video chat. On the other hand, you will need 6 credits for 1 minute of two-way video chat.

Moreover, sending an email and viewing a video in a member’s profile will cost you 10 credits each.

As for the payment methods, you have the option of paying it through your PayPal account or paying directly from your credit card.

AmoLatina’s Mobile App

The website does offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. Having a mobile application allows members to stay connected with their matches on the go. Moreover, the mobile application of AmoLatina offers all the features that are available on the site. The reviews for AmoLatina mobile application are good having more than 21,000 reviews for the Android mobile application with over 1 million downloads.

Special Features of

Let’s Mingle

One of the highlights of is its “Let’s Mingle” feature that allows you to meet new people and start a conversation. The key objective of this feature is to facilitate and enhance member engagement on the site. Once you get started with this special feature, you will be asked to write a message for the people you are looking for. This written message acts as an icebreaker and the message is sent to several potential matches. For instance, if you are looking for matches between the age group of 20 to 30 years, the message is sent to all the members whose age is between the mentioned range.


Boost is another noteworthy feature that you should check on the AmoLatina site. It is a new feature which is recently introduced by It helps you in enhancing your profile’s visibility. Once your profile visibility is enhanced, it makes it easier to catch the attention of your potential matches.


AmoLatina online dating website is totally worth checking out. You will see that it contains all the necessary and premium features that ensure your online dating experience becomes more exciting and thrilling. Join the site now to determine whether this site is right for you or not.